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date / 2014-08-25

[REVIEW]   Solid Dad "Kewl December"   By Ryan Saar "There's not much known about Solid Dad. Is the name ironic, and #Grinspoon already taken? Is he actually a terrible father? Or are his parenting skills on par with his ability to write awesome, blustery tunes? “Kewl December” reeks of imagination, a stoic number that plants its Doc Martens firmly, with a gravel crunch and a lobbing spit of chewed tobacco. This is a man's song, y'hear? As inhumane and weathered as the track's own album cover model/Wizard Doppelganger, 'Kewl December' struts with the howling fire of a Beasts of Bourbon bender, and although those vocals point to this tall structure falling down, the warble and delicate strength is all part of the charm."   #SolidDad   2014-08-25


Solid Dad "Kewl December"

"The song is purportedly about unstable people riding motorbikes on a highway into LA in December. It's bikie music about being kewl on the highway when it's hot and wet and you're a dad on your motorbike with your kid on the seat behind you. It's bikie music, there's no other way to put it, good ol' fashioned bikie music. Dad. " 100% Digital Dad   #SolidDad   2014-08-25