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Matt Banham "Live In Adelaide"

Digital   #MattBanham   2019-06-21


Weak Boys "Weak Boys II"

Vinyl, CD, Digital   #WeakBoys   2016-11-25


Reunited "Teardrum EP"

Limited Edition Cassette + Digital   #Reunited   2016-04-20


The Seaport & the Airport "And The Days That Follow These Ones"

Digital   #TheSeaportAndTheAirport   2016-04-01


Weak Boys "Life Rules"

Limited Edition CD-R Single + Digital   #WeakBoys   2016-01-13


Various Artists "The Wedge Tape"

Digital   2015-11-06


Marky Vaw "Exile On Mann Street"

Digital   #MarkyVaw   2015-08-12


No Through Road "Lo-Fi Sandwich (Mastered)"

Digital   #NoThroughRoad #MattBanham   2015-07-09


Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends"

Vinyl + digital   #WeakBoys   2014-10-24


Disgusting People "Disgusting People"

Limited edition cassette + digital   #DisgustingPeople   2014-10-10


Solid Dad "Kewl December"

"The song is purportedly about unstable people riding motorbikes on a highway into LA in December. It's bikie music about being kewl on the highway when it's hot and wet and you're a dad on your motorbike with your kid on the seat behind you. It's bikie music, there's no other way to put it, good ol' fashioned bikie music. Dad. " 100% Digital Dad   #SolidDad   2014-08-25


Weak Boys "Hangovers"

Digital single w/ 'Lovesong', originally recorded by The Mangey Koh Chang Nipple Dogs   #WeakBoys   2014-07-21