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Matt Banham "Live In Adelaide"

Digital   #MattBanham   2019-06-21

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "ACAB"   #WeakBoys   2016-12-12


Weak Boys "Weak Boys II"

Vinyl, CD, Digital   #WeakBoys   2016-11-25

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "European Holiday"   First single from Weak Boys' new album, 'Weak Boys II', out November 25th   #WeakBoys   2016-11-17

[VIDEO]   WEAK BOYS II   Hello album number two.   #WeakBoys   2016-10-25


Reunited "Teardrum EP"

Limited Edition Cassette + Digital   #Reunited   2016-04-20

Sound Doctrine: Reunited "Devices" Premiere   Tommy Faith: "Together we make a beeline to this one particular song from Reunited’s debut Teardrum EP called ‘Devices’ which caught my ears by virtue of those super warm console tones. They remind me of a particular song from the Final Fantasy X OST (Besaid Island I think?) and a minimalist take on Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. ‘Devices’ stands out amongst the EP’s four tracks in that the vocals are treated a little differently. They have less of the drone that guides the other three songs into a trance over their minimum five minute durations and it lends itself to a more exuberant listen, particularly as the songs break down into those gorgeous post-chorus instrumental sections (see again Final Fantasy X)."   #Reunited   2016-04-20

FBi The Bridge: Interview with The Seaport & The Airport   Oscar chats with Amelia Jenner about his NZ early days and debut LP, plus plays a few of his favourite new songs   #TheSeaportAndTheAirport   2016-04-14

Lazy Thinking Presents: Golden Girls + The Seaport & The Airport + Lekias   Unofficial/official The Seaport & The Airport album launch show. Thursday, April 14th at Red Rattler, Marrickville   #TheSeaportAndTheAirport   2016-04-11


The Seaport & the Airport "And The Days That Follow These Ones"

Digital   #TheSeaportAndTheAirport   2016-04-01

Premiere: The Seaport & the Airport "And The Days That Follow These Ones"   Thanks Acid Stag for running with this, the debut stream of the new LP, out Friday April 1st: "...perfect for lazy weekends or long rainy days."   #TheSeaportAndTheAirport   2016-03-29   #Reunited   2016-03-18

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "Good One Sydney"   Premiere via Noisey. From the official presser (Facebook post): "Here's the thing. Sydney's got a lot of problems. A lot of people want to live in Sydney, and a lot of those folks don't have swags of cash or even care about going clubbing or even care about your band (or Weak Boys). Sydney should be kept open for everybody - indigenous folks, refugees, working class folks, queer folks, wom*n, young people, the homeless. For the folks getting booted from Miller's Point, to wom*n fleeing violence who are faced with the prospect of a closed shelter and sleeping rough, to babies being deported to concentration camps. People who are expected to leave their homes and communities and safety because someone with more money wants their spot. Access to liquor and the jobs that it creates is one thing - people lives being ruined by state violence and corporate greed is another, and we should be making a fucking lot of noise about that too. GOOD ONE SYDNEY."   #WeakBoys   2016-02-16

Weak Boys "Life Rules" Single Launch / Last Show in Australia for 2016   Matt's moving overseas for a year, so this'll be the last Weak Boys show for a while (pending that Japan tour we're all very excited about). Guest spots from Summer Flake, King Tears Mortuary and MC SPOD. 100% Free. Vic on the Park. CD-Rs of the new single will be for sale. And there might be a meat raffle.   #WeakBoys   2016-01-22


Weak Boys "Life Rules"

Limited Edition CD-R Single + Digital   #WeakBoys   2016-01-13

[VIDEO]   Marky Vaw "PJZ"   Music by Goon Sweat. Starring: Jason Phu & Lovely Head (Vivian Huynh). Directed by DK Robinson and Dan Osborne   #MarkyVaw   2015-12-08


Various Artists "The Wedge Tape"

Digital   2015-11-06

Premiere: The Wedge Tape   Kind words from Lil' Saarzy about our new compilation: "Whatever you're after, it's all here, in one convenient location for your listening pleasure. And that’s why Strong Look Records is the best major label a band could be on: they give the b-sides the big budget treatment that others couldn't begin to fathom."   2015-11-05

The Seaport & The Airport on Soundcloud   #TheSeaportAndTheAirport   2015-09-12

Marky Vaw "Exile On Mann Street" Album Launch / Black Wire Records, Sydney   #MarkyVaw   2015-08-28


Marky Vaw "Exile On Mann Street"

Digital   #MarkyVaw   2015-08-12

[VIDEO]   Marky Vaw "Crimes"   #MarkyVaw   2015-07-21


No Through Road "Lo-Fi Sandwich (Mastered)"

Digital   #NoThroughRoad #MattBanham   2015-07-09

Soundly Sounds: Premiere - No Through Road "Lo-Fi Sandwich (Mastered)"   Ryan Saar: "10 years ago, Matt Banham was more of a 7/11 meat pie monstrosity, than the gorgeous dumpling you see above. He also lived in Adelaide, and was in a band called No Through Road. They were great, and that’s a fact. Besides an off-duty-but-on-point cover of Ke$ha’s 'Tik Tok', No Through Road also left behind a plethora of material, including the incredible 'Lo-Fi Sandwich'."   #NoThroughRoad #MattBanham   2015-07-09

Marky Vaw on Facebook   #MarkyVaw   2015-07-01

[REVIEW]   Mess + Noise: Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends"   by Doug Wallen "You'd expect a band that teams Banham (former leader of the plenty self-deprecating No Through Road) up with Yates (a member of slacker indie-rock veterans Dollar Bar) and Banham's Disgusting People bandmate Craig Lyons to do this kind of thing perfectly, and they do. Out-dolewaving every would-be dolewave band around, Weak Boys turn their lumpy drums and wagging guitars to themes of prickly universalness. ‘Unrequited Diane Keaton' pulls real feelings out of a fantasy lark, and anyone who's ever left their hometown can relate to the Adelaide exit that is opener ‘South Australia'. The most relatable song of all could be ‘Settled', a spell of wishful thinking that lays out Banham's straight-faced plans for becoming a better person but also can't resist equating owning a butcher knife with somehow being grown-up."   #WeakBoys   2015-02-11

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "That's Me"   #WeakBoys   2015-02-11

Soundly Sounds: Top 10 Australian Albums of 2014   Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends" at number 2. Bless you Ryan Saar. "A diverse smorgasbord of guitar-pop and mope-rock, 'Weekdays/Weekends' is fuelled by self-deprecation, glistening humour and a catchiness that rivals Taylor Swift. It is fantastic in so many indescribable ways, an encapsulation of the Australian, or at least Sydney, lifestyle in much the same way The Go-Betweens probably did back before Y2K. From the ode to Rice Is Nice’s Julia Wilson, to the plight of the hungover, Diane Keaton-pining miser (read: everyone), “Weekdays/Weekends” was both the most underrated release of 2014, and one of the best."   #WeakBoys   2014-12-23

M + N Readers Poll 2014   Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends" at number 12   #WeakBoys   2014-12-19

Soundly Sounds: Top 20 Australian Songs of 2014   Weak Boys "Hangovers" at number 2. "'Hangovers' sort of set the staple for what my 2014 was, along with many other budding attendees of whatever Inner West domain Weak Boys have been fortunately dominating. I’ve listened to this song more times than I've asked for a jug of Resch’s at the Lansdowne. My intimidatingly large beer belly nods in agreement.I actively set out to write a song about something other than drugs and ended up at dogs. I don't have a dog but I try and take every opportunity I can to hang out with other people's dogs."   #WeakBoys   2014-12-18

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys Tour Diary (Part 3)   #WeakBoys   2014-12-03

The Lifted Brow - A Mixtape by Weak Boys   #WeakBoys   2014-12-02

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys Tour Diary (Part 2)   #WeakBoys   2014-11-26

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys Tour Diary (Part 1)   #WeakBoys   2014-11-18

Mess + Noise: Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends" Track By Track   "Chris: Most of the songs I write are about getting high. Partly out of laziness, but also because I think that it's a really important part of life that is often seen as bad behaviour instead of the perfectly human and natural thing that it is. I actively set out to write a song about something other than drugs and ended up at dogs. I don't have a dog but I try and take every opportunity I can to hang out with other people's dogs."   #WeakBoys   2014-11-07

Mess + Noise: New Tapes - Disgusting People, Steven Wright, Sails, Dry Mouth   "You sure get your money's worth with the new Disgusting People cassette. The Sydney slacker-pop supergroup's self-titled debut packs in 19 songs that tackle everything from space unicorns to rayguns."   #DisgustingPeople   2014-10-30

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "Dog Farm"   Directed by Chris Yates. Edited by Matt Banham   #WeakBoys   2014-10-30

[REVIEW]   Soundly Sounds: Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends"   by Ryan Saar - "It's hard to imagine Weak Boys not becoming iconic in some way or another, it's just a matter of how big. As one of the most complete and fulfilling albums in recent Australian lore, I strongly urge, nay command thee, to buy this album."   #WeakBoys   2014-10-28

[REVIEW]   Soundly Sounds: Disgusting People "Disgusting People"   by Ryan Saar - "Basically, Disgusting People didn't try too hard on this album. There was no label meddling, no pressure, no harsh times infecting the performances of the band members. It's just off-kilter pop music played by mates, for mates, and it resounds with a weird and wonderful tang that permeates throughout. The exploitation of the strange is strong on this one, a perfectly preserved encapsulation of the fucked up shit you do when it's just a few mates. If you're the kind of person that thinks that SPOD should've started a jangle-pop band, then this album is for you. If you're the kind of person who likes Beavis and Butthead, and wished they'd made an Australian version, this album is for you. And if you're the kind of person that wished Clive Palmer had a reality TV show, you'd probably enjoy this album as well. And if you're not that kind of person, I hear Alt-J have a new record out. So, yeah, enjoy that."   #DisgustingPeople   2014-10-24


Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends"

Vinyl + digital   #WeakBoys   2014-10-24

Noisey: Stream "Weekdays/Weekends" the Debut Album for Sydney's Weak Boys   "Weak Boys are like the indie balladeers of Sydney's inner west. Their observational jangle pop that falls somewhere between Big Lizard in My Backyard era Dead Milkmen, the self effacing pop of Jonathan Richman and fellow Sydney band Smudge, casts a keen eye over life as a early 30-year-old in Enmore and surrounds. These are songs about drinking, dogs, running out of wine, dealing with landlords, working overtime and drinking some more."   #WeakBoys   2014-10-21

Channel V: Best New Songs - Disgusting People "Snail Song"   "It's the equivalent of that bookish nerd from the '90s teen romedies - once she takes her glasses off and turns out to be a total babe."   #DisgustingPeople   2014-10-10


Disgusting People "Disgusting People"

Limited edition cassette + digital   #DisgustingPeople   2014-10-10

FBi Radio Unsigned Artist of the Week: Solid Dad   "Solid Dad probably has a beer in one hand and a spatula for the barbeque in the other, dropping them only to pick up some serious guitar."   #SolidDad   2014-10-08

Tonedeaf: The 9 Best Bands To Come Out of Sydney's Inner West   Disgusting People amongst some royalty.   #DisgustingPeople   2014-10-08

[REVIEW]   Solid Dad "Kewl December"   By Ryan Saar "There's not much known about Solid Dad. Is the name ironic, and #Grinspoon already taken? Is he actually a terrible father? Or are his parenting skills on par with his ability to write awesome, blustery tunes? “Kewl December” reeks of imagination, a stoic number that plants its Doc Martens firmly, with a gravel crunch and a lobbing spit of chewed tobacco. This is a man's song, y'hear? As inhumane and weathered as the track's own album cover model/Wizard Doppelganger, 'Kewl December' struts with the howling fire of a Beasts of Bourbon bender, and although those vocals point to this tall structure falling down, the warble and delicate strength is all part of the charm."   #SolidDad   2014-08-25


Solid Dad "Kewl December"

"The song is purportedly about unstable people riding motorbikes on a highway into LA in December. It's bikie music about being kewl on the highway when it's hot and wet and you're a dad on your motorbike with your kid on the seat behind you. It's bikie music, there's no other way to put it, good ol' fashioned bikie music. Dad. " 100% Digital Dad   #SolidDad   2014-08-25

[VIDEO]   Disgusting People "Ctrl Alt Delete"   Directed by Matt Banham. Camera/Best Boy - Romi Graham.   #DisgustingPeople   2014-08-17

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "Hangovers"   Directed and edited by Romi Graham. Starring Sujini Ramamurthy.   #WeakBoys   2014-07-21


Weak Boys "Hangovers"

Digital single w/ 'Lovesong', originally recorded by The Mangey Koh Chang Nipple Dogs   #WeakBoys   2014-07-21

Weak Boys on Facebook   #WeakBoys   2014-07-01

Triple J Home+Hosed: Tropical Strength "Not There"   "It also sounds like they've tried to play a George Harrison song, realised they don't know how it goes and made up something entirely new. It's cloudy-eyed nostalgia for the Sixties and Australian backyards all at the same time."   #TropicalStrength   2013-12-04

[VIDEO]   Tropical Strength "Wake In Fright"   #TropicalStrength   2013-10-01

[AUDIO]   Tropical Strength "Not There"   #TropicalStrength   2013-08-01