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Reunited "Teardrum EP"

Limited Edition Cassette + Digital   #Reunited   2016-04-20

Sound Doctrine: Reunited "Devices" Premiere   Tommy Faith: "Together we make a beeline to this one particular song from Reunited’s debut Teardrum EP called ‘Devices’ which caught my ears by virtue of those super warm console tones. They remind me of a particular song from the Final Fantasy X OST (Besaid Island I think?) and a minimalist take on Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. ‘Devices’ stands out amongst the EP’s four tracks in that the vocals are treated a little differently. They have less of the drone that guides the other three songs into a trance over their minimum five minute durations and it lends itself to a more exuberant listen, particularly as the songs break down into those gorgeous post-chorus instrumental sections (see again Final Fantasy X)."   #Reunited   2016-04-20   #Reunited   2016-03-18