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date / 2015-02-11

[REVIEW]   Mess + Noise: Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends"   by Doug Wallen "You'd expect a band that teams Banham (former leader of the plenty self-deprecating No Through Road) up with Yates (a member of slacker indie-rock veterans Dollar Bar) and Banham's Disgusting People bandmate Craig Lyons to do this kind of thing perfectly, and they do. Out-dolewaving every would-be dolewave band around, Weak Boys turn their lumpy drums and wagging guitars to themes of prickly universalness. ‘Unrequited Diane Keaton' pulls real feelings out of a fantasy lark, and anyone who's ever left their hometown can relate to the Adelaide exit that is opener ‘South Australia'. The most relatable song of all could be ‘Settled', a spell of wishful thinking that lays out Banham's straight-faced plans for becoming a better person but also can't resist equating owning a butcher knife with somehow being grown-up."   #WeakBoys   2015-02-11

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "That's Me"   #WeakBoys   2015-02-11