Strong Look Records

date / 2014-12-23

Soundly Sounds: Top 10 Australian Albums of 2014   Weak Boys "Weekdays/Weekends" at number 2. Bless you Ryan Saar. "A diverse smorgasbord of guitar-pop and mope-rock, 'Weekdays/Weekends' is fuelled by self-deprecation, glistening humour and a catchiness that rivals Taylor Swift. It is fantastic in so many indescribable ways, an encapsulation of the Australian, or at least Sydney, lifestyle in much the same way The Go-Betweens probably did back before Y2K. From the ode to Rice Is Nice’s Julia Wilson, to the plight of the hungover, Diane Keaton-pining miser (read: everyone), “Weekdays/Weekends” was both the most underrated release of 2014, and one of the best."   #WeakBoys   2014-12-23