Strong Look Records

date / 2016-02-16

[VIDEO]   Weak Boys "Good One Sydney"   Premiere via Noisey. From the official presser (Facebook post): "Here's the thing. Sydney's got a lot of problems. A lot of people want to live in Sydney, and a lot of those folks don't have swags of cash or even care about going clubbing or even care about your band (or Weak Boys). Sydney should be kept open for everybody - indigenous folks, refugees, working class folks, queer folks, wom*n, young people, the homeless. For the folks getting booted from Miller's Point, to wom*n fleeing violence who are faced with the prospect of a closed shelter and sleeping rough, to babies being deported to concentration camps. People who are expected to leave their homes and communities and safety because someone with more money wants their spot. Access to liquor and the jobs that it creates is one thing - people lives being ruined by state violence and corporate greed is another, and we should be making a fucking lot of noise about that too. GOOD ONE SYDNEY."   #WeakBoys   2016-02-16